For wholesalers

Our range of ice creams

The company offers a large quantity of frozen products and artisanal ice cream for wholesalers and individuals such as:

- ice cream in tubs
- ice cream in tumblers
- single portion frozen ice cream
- sorbets
- cakes and slices
- single portion truffles
- Christmas and Easter desserts

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A range of sizes

Below you will find the main artisanal ice cream sizes available for wholesalers:

Ice cream in tubs: lt. 1=gr. 600, lt. 2 = gr. 1100, lt. 4,200 = gr. 2400, lt. 4,750 = gr. 2900;
ice cream in a tumbler: 100g;
Single portion ice cream: 80g, 90g;
Tumbler: 90g;
Frozen cake: 1000g, 1200g;
Mousse cake: 750g;
Tray of cakes: 1000g;
Slices: 1000g;
Thin slices: 450g;
Ice cream cake: 1000g;
Profiterol: 450g, 1000g;
Christmas tree: 1250g;
Swiss roll: 1000g;
Easter dove: 1000g;
Stuffed egg: 700g.

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